Jewelry Care

Belly Bead Tips 

  • Be gentle with your beads. Be aware of how you wear and move in them until you get used to them on your body. 

  • Be aware of your beads when going to the restroom or pulling off clothes  

  • Be mindful of sudden bending and sitting, especially with tighter beads  

  •  If beads feel too tight to wear, allow them to rest to avoid breaking them  

  • Listen to your intuition: sometimes your body wants to wear them, sometimes not  

  • Allow your beads to help you correct your posture, tighten your core and track your weight  

  • Charge crystal strands in sunlight, moonlight or on a consecrated place on the ground (Earth). Again, listen to your intuition on charging and cleansing your jewelry 

  • Research your crystal properties and be aware of its power and how to use it in your life. 

  • Research proper care for your crystals. Some crystals should NOT be in water or sunlight. 

  • If showering with beads, gently wash and dry them. To preserve the color and integrity of materials, take off while showering or bathing

  • Sometimes your partner may want to pull on them in the mist of passion...don't let them! Instruct them to be gentle with them too. Definitely touch and experience them though!