The eyes are the window to the soul, and many believe that energetic frequencies of goodness or malice can be sent to another through the eyes. 


The “evil eye” amulet or nazar has been used for thousands of years to ward off negative energy sent to us from others through an envious or malicious gaze. Nazar is an Arabic word meaning 'sight', 'surveillance', 'attention' and is an eye shaped amulet that serves as a “return to sender” shield against the ill intent others attempt to send. 


The origins of the evil eye belief system is not exact; there are various cultures and religions that use the concept as a means of deflecting negative energy sent from another. For example, the wedjat eye—the eye of the Egyptian god Horus—symbolized health, light and provided protection against the evil eye curse. It was one of the most popular amulets in ancient Egypt. Ancient Greece and Rome have deep roots connected to evil eye amulets. The evil eye symbol that’s most popular today in fashion as well as spirituality is thought to date back to ancient Mesopotamia. “Eye idols” are the oldest discovered talismans discovered by archeologists; they were excavated from ancient Mesopotamia. I’m not exactly sure if the use of these objects were used to ward off malicious energy but it does show how the symbol of the eye has deep roots in spirituality and religion. 


The earliest and most commonly used color for evil eye amulets is  blue. The color blue represents the sky and the sea and is often associated with open spaces, calmness and serenity. Many cultures believe that blue distracts evil energies and acts as a shield against it and may even absorbs negativity. From a psychological point of view, blue represents reliability, responsibility and confidence. It can be attributed to trust and dependability. It can also represent sadness, depression and negative feelings. In ancient times in the middle eastern regions where the evil eye is thought to have originated, it was believed that people with blue eyes were very few and are believed to bring bad luck and evil. The evil eye’s amulet color of blue was to represent the rare eye color of blue and thus a shield from the belief of an evil and malicious gaze.