My Relationship With Belly Beads & High Vibe Jewelry

tools for aesthetic & beauty

Once upon a time, before the current version of me, I didn’t like my body; I hated my chubby tummy and my cellulite. I despised  the dimples on my ass. Quite frankly, I didn’t really like myself. I was extremely unhappy about who I was and where I was in life. My life, by the way, was a cycle of depression, disappointment stagnation. However, I wanted more. I sought my happiness in whatever form that occurred.

I added works to my faith to transform myself into different versions of me. Those works included practices which allowed me to view my experiences from a different perspective thus allowing mindset shifts.  With these awakenings came self-care and self-awareness practices to cultivate this newfound path journey of self-love—uncharted territories of myself.

And with that came the desire for tools, or physical items to assist me along the way—and waist beads and handcrafted jewelry were a few of those tools. Belly beads, as I like to call them actually inspired me to start accepting my tummy and seeing the beauty of my body. I literally developed a positive self-concept—I began falling in love with me!

I find pleasure in the meditative process of jewelry making and transferring all of that positive and loving energies to those who shop with me. It is my intention to promote body positivity, self-love and activating personal magick through the aesthetic of handcrafted beads and crystals in the form of jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry I make is full of energies of love, confidence, sensuality, beauty and other high vibrations with the intention of transferring that powerful energy to each customer and wearer.