My Relationship With Waist Bead—“belly beads”

Once upon a time, before I knew the me that I am now, I hated my body; I hated my chubby tummy, I hated my cellulite, I hated the dimples on my butt. I didn’t quite like myself but I wanted to. I desperately desired to like and accept me for me. I believed I could. So I added works to my faith in a different way to transform into different versions of myself. I started choosing me for the first time, and with that came an awakening intuition and attraction to physical items that assisted me in my new found self-knowing and self-love journey. I developed a relationship with crystals and I desired to wear waist beads! I purchased my first strand of waist beads and fell in love with the way they looked on my body and the way they made me feel wearing them. They actually inspired me to start accepting my tummy and seeing the beauty of my body and I started to listen to that. The deeper I traveled this journey the more the low self-esteem I was experiencing dissolved away. I wanted more waist beads so I made some for myself. I enjoyed this meditative process and was inspired to make them for others. Waist beads led to necklaces and other jewelry made with crystals—thus Miki Magick Beads & Crystals was born. This lead me to promote body positivity, self-love and activating personal magic. I believe in the power of positive energy and the ability to transfer that energy to others. Each piece of jewelry I make is full of energies of love, confidence, beauty and other high vibrations with the intention of transferring that powerful energy to each customer.

Wearing waist beads helps me connect deeper with my body and my roots as a woman of African decent. I feel a deeper connection to the women before me, my foremothers, and the am receptive to the guidance instilled in me, in my very DNA.